C+ Architects


C+ Architects, established by the architect Cheng Yanchun and his partner in Beijing, 2014. The studio focuses on the issues of the city and the countryside, and believes that architecture is the medium of the communication between people and nature, trying to realize the harmonious symbiosis among human, environment and society. The studio seeks to resolve essential conflicts through simple design, and tries to achieve maximum design value while exploring and creating more possibilities. At the same time, the projects of C+ Architects consistently pursuit of beauty, as well as regards design as the link between tradition and future.

C+ Architects has a range of diverse projects, involving urban regeneration, housing, galleries, schools, renovation of old buildings, hotels, rural renewal, etc. The studio has made new developments in both the project itself and the professional fields. In addition to the architectural projects, the studio is also zealously participated in the art activities and public services related to urban and rural renewal.

The symbol “+” can be understood as “home” in Chinese, referring the basic unit of the city and the fundamental cell of human society. Design is not just a tool for solving problems; it will affect life and ultimately becomes life itself. Moreover, the construction work requires full cooperation between different professionals, which means “+” also stands for a gesture of open mind, and make the original architectural dreams come true together.

As a young firm, C+ Architects' design work is gaining professional recognition. It has been published in many well-known social media and magazines such as Dezeen, ArchDaily, Designboom, Gooood, 《Wallpaper》, 《domus》, and 《Architectural Journals》, also has received major awards including the Architizer A+Awards in New York City.


  • 2017 Annual Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting · Public Art”
  • 2016 “Freehand China | Annual Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting · Public Art”
  • 2015 National Art Museum of China · Freehand China | Annual Exhibition of China National Academy of Painting
  • 2015 Cheng Yanchun attends Landscape Architecture Forum and Works of the Architects Post-80s Exhibition in Hunan University
  • 2015 Beijing Design Week · Stair Pavilion


  • 2017/06/03 Henan University of Technology | First Henan civil construction Youth Academic Forum
  • 2017/05/20 Shanghai Power Station of Art
  • 2017/04/19 Inner Mongolia University
  • 2017/03/01 Tianjin University Press · URBAN FLUX | Le Corbusie Seminar
  • 2016/10/31 Yunnan Shangri-La | "Future of Our Countryside" International Forum
  • 2016/10/08 China National Academy of painting | Art Yearbook Forum
  • 2016/02/28 Central Academy of Fine Arts | Transformation 5 about C+ Architects
  • 2016/01/11 Urbanism and Architecture | Shared Space Salon
  • 2015/12/14-2015/12/25 Hunan University | Landscape Architecture Forum · Works of the Architects Post-80s Exhibition
  • 2014/10/10 Beijing Jiaotong University


    • 2017 Architizer A+Awards · Jury Winner in Office Interiors, Jingyuan No.22 Transformation
    • 2016 Jintang Prize · Young Designer of the Year, Cheng Yanchun (Principal of C+ Architects)
    • 2016 Jintang Prize · Best Office Space, Renovation of No.8 Building in Beijing Banbidian Industry Park
    • 2015 Architecture Podium International Architecture Awards · First Award in Commercial Interior Concept, “Hair Focus” Hair Salon