C+ Architects


  • CHENG Yanchun

    Founder & Principal Architect

    Beijing-born architect Cheng Yanchun, co founded C+ Architects in Beijing. Cheng graduater from the Peking University, and holds a Doctor’s Degree in Architecture from Waseda University, devoted to the study of settlement and housing problem, and has a unique view of the modern urban’s living. The modern architecture are quiet majestic and grand, but he silently to creates a peaceful and harmonious works. 

    Cheng leads project teams to thinking about the problems of the urban space, nature, and the environment, and also the architectural space and the human activities. Cheng has also been exploring and sharing with the public about relationship and value between the cities, nature and humen through domestic and international exhibitions, publications and art works.

  • LI Nan


    Born in Beijing, Li Nan was studied with Cheng Yanchun at Beijing Architecture University (formerly Beijing Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture). After graduation Li went to ENSA-PVS, France, to keep studing architecture. Li oversees project managements and corporate operations of C+ Architects.

  • LIU Jia


    Liu Jia, born in Fujian, graduated from China Central Academy of Fine ArtsShe oversees C+ Architects’s media publicity, exhibitions and lectures, and play role in company’s conceptual design competitions.

  • Qin Kai

    Senior Architect

    Qin Kai, born in Nanning, received his bachelor's degree and master's degree in architecture from Oakland University in New Zealand. He is interested in how architectural space can contribute to the regeneration of the human nervous system. He has abundant of working experience and also keeps up-to-date on the international building and city development’s future. Combined with the concepts and ideas of the new design will present in art and technology, to creates a creative and lively architectural space.

  • ZHANG Ran

    Senior Architect

    Zhang Ran, born in Guizhou, received her Master’s Degree in Architecture from Architectura Research Center of Peking University. Before Zhang joined C+ Architects, she worked in Los Angeles, Shanghai, etc. Zhang has been involved with Brama Beijing Office Renovation, Aarhus School of Architecture, 9x9x9 Experimental Architecture and C+ Architects’s other outstanding works of architecture

  • LIU Wenjie

    Senior Architect

    Born in Shandong, Liu Wengjie is an architect holding a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Southeast University of China. As a major project architect of C+Architects, she extensive professional experience and strict attention on detail and standards enable her to lead project teams on concept design, design development. Liu all stages of design meet and exceed C+Architects’s high standards as they are transformed from design concepts into built structures.

  • WEI Bin

    Senior Architect

    Wei Bin, born in Jiaozhou, received his bachelor's degree in architecture from Qingdao University of Technology. Based on Many years of working experience, Wei has been focusing on the comprehensive use of aesthetics, architecture, human engineering, consumer psychology, optics, acoustics in the architectural design of the projects, and transformed into C+ Architect's architectural language.